How to join an NGO? How to join Uttejana

In our previous blogs, we have discussed NGOs. Along with How NGOs help in the development of a nation. In this blog, we will try to make you understand How to join an NGO. How to be a part of the change one wants to see.

We receive many phone calls and text messages about How to join an NGO. To our surprise, the number of phone calls and messages is increasing day by day. So let’s understand in this blog how one can join an NGO. Most importantly how you can join Uttejana Foundation.

Let me first explain you why Uttejana Foundation was formed. A simple answer to the aforesaid question is that to aspire youth and not just inspire youth for a change. A change that everyone dreams of but only a few wants to become a part of.

How to Join an NGO

how to join an ngo

You might be thinking that I might be laying down certain steps in front of you. You’ll simply read those steps and go in search of an NGO and start working. Just wait here and remember one thing if you ever want to do something in life. First, ask yourself why you want to join an NGO. Then go search on google How to join an NGO.

One must possess a strong reason in order to do something. Believe me if one finds his/her reason for doing something. No one can stop that guy from achieving his/her goal. I have jotted down all this information because we have observed many people just joining for LORs, certificates and rewards not for service.

Now I’ll simply answer the above question in a very simple way :

There is a number of NGOs in India. You should research about them and check out which NGO is suitable for you and you want to work on the same cause they are working on. There are many sectors like :

  1. Education
  2. child development
  3. human welfare
  4. poverty, etc.

You can see which sector you want to serve. Then look for an NGO in that sector. NGOs are looking for volunteers and can just fill the application on their website. Procedure of selected as a volunteer is simple there will be an interview round and number of tasks. Nowadays due to pandemic many NGOs are also providing virtual volunteering opportunities in the fields of fundraising and other online activities.

There are number of websites and apps where you can find volunteering opportunities.

How to Join Uttejana Foundation

How to join an NGO
(an internationally recognized NGO)

80% Of The Global Citizens Agree That Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) Makes It Easy To Be Involved In Positive Social Change. A Change Being The Need Of The Hour But It Is Very Disheartening That A Very Few People Work For It.

We At UTTEJANA FOUNDATION Are Currently Serving And Initiating Projects In The Areas Of Youth Inspiration, slum development, poverty alleviation, providing opportunities, and many more. Uttejana Foundation believes in not just helping others by sharing our resources but also by helping them know how they can create their own resources and succeed in life. 

We at Uttejana foundation are on a never-ending mission of creating and carving leaders. The word Uttejana means excitement. The world has witnessed that any work done with enthusiasm and excitement has yielded the best results ever seen.

You can contact us through our website, social media handles. You can also CONTACT US by just clicking on it.

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